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ITG SRL is a dynamic Italian company, which since 1977 has positioned itself in the market by manufacturing elastomer-based gaskets and specialising in liquid silicone technology.

Starting in 2007, the company then expanded its production range by manufacturing fluoropolymer-based hoses and tubes.

Today, ITG SRL leads two divisions, GASKETS and HOSES, whose common principles are: product quality excellence (starting with the best raw materials on the market), the use of the highest processing technologies, and constant attention to and satisfaction of the needs of each of its customers.

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Improvement is possible, always.

This is the company’s motto, because this is how ITG SRL looks to the future: with passion and enthusiasm, ready to face every new challenge, assisting its customers with quality and service and growing with them in the global market.

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An industrial process
in constant improvement

ITG SRL was born from the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of Giuseppe Paparo and his son Giovanni.

The more than three generations have passed on to the company the principles of concreteness and reliability to the point of making it a unique reality in the technical industry sector, distinguished by its flexibility and creativity in the organization of its system.

The ownership, which today is directed by Giovanni Paparo and his son Samuele, directly follows the company’s continuous improvement process with enthusiasm and perseverance.

From this approach derives the company’s ability to rapidly adapt to changes in the market and to the demands and needs of the customer itself, primarily by making the most of human resources, using advanced production technologies and processing the best raw materials on the market.

This has allowed ITG SRL to achieve a high quality standard and to steadily move towards excellence and professionalism, fundamental values that have contributed to the achievement of customer loyalty, consolidating a true long-term partnership with them.

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Quality is a strongly integrated element in our company philosophy. ITG SRL is dedicated every day to the management and improvement of the quality and environmental system according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

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