“ITG SRL,since three generations your
specialists in the technical industry.”

ITG SRL was grounded thanks to the passion and the innovating spirits of Giuseppe and Giovanni Paparo, who have transmitted since three generations the principle of consistency and reliability to the company. That values have lead the company to be unique in the technical industry field, also due to its flexibility and creativity in the organization of its own system. Nowadays Giovanni Paparo and his son Samuele, are running the company with enthusiasm and determination under a continuous improving process. This family core allowed ITG SRL to adapt itself to all the market changes and to all the requirements of their clients, providing them the best and quick services obtained thanks to the valorization of the human resources, the use of the latest production technologies and the choose of the highest quality raw material. Through all these principles and values, ITG SRL reached and high quality standard level, orienting itself to the excellence and being professional, both merits that contributed to achieve the fidelity of the customers, establishing with them a real long term partnership.

“Improve it could be, always.”

This is the ITG SRL vision and mission, with that the company looks to the future: keeping its passion and enthusiasm, being ready to face all the new challenges, assisting its clients with the best quality and services and growing with them in the global market.