Gaskets and Hoses

Specialists in the technical industry

Since three generations

ITG SRL was born out of the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of Giuseppe and Giovanni Paparo, who, with their son Samuele, have for over three generations passed on to the company the principles of concreteness and reliability to make it a unique reality in the technical industry sector.
Production focuses on elastomer and silicone-based gaskets, and fluoropolymer hoses and tubes.

What do we do?

Using the best raw materials on the market and employing the highest processing technologies, we guarantee the excellent quality of our products and constant attention to and satisfaction of the needs of each of our customers.

Industrial Gaskets


In the Gaskets division, we produce elastomer-based industrial gaskets and liquid silicone gaskets for all types of sealing.

Fluoropolymers Hoses and Tubes


In our Hoses division, we manufacture hoses and tubes in fluoropolymer (PTFE, PFA and FEP), for low, medium and high pressures.